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Protect the ocean with research and telepresence.



What is telepresence?

Telepresence can be defined as technologies that give the feeling of presence. We want to give the global community the ability to experience remote marine ecosystems without environmental disruption. Telepresence helps us offer the world a candid and intimate look at fascinating ocean scenes as they are naturally. With telepresence and storytelling, we can amplify support for the powerful movements to protect ocean environments, and highlight the influencers making waves behind those movements. 

Our History

Teens4Oceans is made up of entrepreneurs and divergent thinkers who love the ocean. We were started in Boulder, Colorado (landlocked, we know) in 2010. We began as a marine biology club at a small high school and have since grown into so much more.  On our first expeditions, student chapters built and installed underwater camera systems around the world. As such, telepresence has been foundational in our work from day one. Our cameras connected people all across the globe to the ocean, no matter how far they were from the water. These cameras also enabled us to enjoy and examine marine ecosystems without constant human intrusion or damage.  Noninvasive monitoring has thus become an important pillar for us. In 2017, we were featured in Netflix's Chasing Coral, a documentary in which one of our lead Ocean Influencers documented global coral bleaching. As a result, we have been given a unique opportunity. We have an audience primed and ready to help the ocean. It's now our time to dive in; are you ready to take the plunge?