We are on a mission to create youth Ocean Influencers

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Empower youth action through storytelling, education, and exploration



protect the ocean with research and telepresence


Teens4Oceans impacts youth, their peers, their parents, and their communities by providing them with the tools and resources to become Ocean Influencers.


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Current Campaigns

Solutions to some of the ocean's toughest problems exist. Our campaigns share efforts to implement solutions that aim to preserve untouched ecosystems while educating youth and communities along the way. Teens4Oceans partners with NGO's, non-profits, filmmakers, businesses, and governments to implement solutions critical for ocean health.


Finding Salisbury

Southwestern Australia's Salisbury Island is considered to be the only known great white shark population that has not yet been impacted and exploited by human activity such as chumming and shark cage diving. We are partnering with Finding Salisbury Inc. to install remote monitoring systems for non-invasive research of great whites and other wildlife that inhabits Salisbury Island.

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It is no secret that coral reefs face the threat of both disease and bleaching now more than ever. With the release of Chasing Coral and other documentaries, people from around the world are working to better understand and preserve what is left of coral reef ecosystems. Ocean Influencers partner with groups from around the globe to tell their story.

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Caribbean Lionfish 

Invasive Indo-Pacific lionfish are an epidemic in Caribbean waters. Teens4Oceans aims to ameliorate the worsening situation by working with fisherman, divers, and research groups to thin populations of lionfish on reefs and better understand their population dynamics over time. The majority of our work is on Grand Cayman through an upcoming partnership with Explore.org.


Let's talk about storytelling...

Storytelling empowers youth to take action and gives our Ocean Influencers a platform to share their efforts. By distributing content via social media and immersive virtual reality experiences we can connect a global network of action for the ocean.

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