Grand Cayman


The Grand Cayman research site was chosen as a field research site because of its healthy coral and safe diving for our students. With our partners at Compass Point Dive Resort, Teens4Oceans has been able to SCUBA certify numerous students, as well as introduce them to how science is conducted underwater. The site is also home to our oldest streaming HD camera. Over the years we have gathered a wealth of information and observational data using the camera and also streamed the first ever live broadcast of a coral spawning event.


The Grand Cayman Reef Cam, positioned within the gorgeous lagoon reef system on the East End of Grand Cayman was installed in 2012. You will notice that the camera is focused on a large colony of Montastrea annularis that is referred to as a “cleaning station”. Small cleaner wrasses that feed on parasites and dead scales hang out near this coral as numerous species of other fish stop in for a quick clean. The fish have any parasites removed while the cleaner wrasse gets a free meal, symbiosis in a nutshell! The reef cam is also frequently visited by spotted eagle rays, southern stingrays, nurse sharks, and even an occasional Caribbean reef shark!

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Cayman Lagoon Coral Spawning


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