Our friends at Living Sea Sculpture have finally installed their long awaited artistic electric reef, named Zoe, off the coast of Cozumel Island. Not only is the structure a beautiful piece of underwater artwork, it will provide essential habitat for corals and other marine life in the near future! 

Join us as we follow the progression with the newest Live Ocean Camera. 

Zoe’s Story:
Zoe is a Living Sea Sculpture by Colleen Flanigan. Over FOUR HUNDRED generous backers from Kickstarter and Razoo crowdfunding campaigns, as well as numerous private donors (Sapling Foundation, Harnisch Foundation, Gerry Ohrstrom, Vesper Foundation, Bertha Philanthropies), and conservation leaders in Mexico supported this unique effort to restore corals in an area damaged by hurricanes, pollution, and other human activities. Fabricated in 2011 and installed in October of 2016 with a dedicated, talented international team, this 5m x 3m x2m welded steel matrix, inspired by DNA, is electrified to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with corals and other marine organisms in Cozumel, Mexico. 

The Living Sea Sculpture is installed fifty meters from shore in front of the Sand Dollar Sports Dive Shop and Sunset Restaurant, who generously provide power and Internet. This mineral accretion process,  is a method for regenerating coral reefs. Zoe was invited to come to life in a unique coral restoration lab and underwater art museum, Musubo, a featured attraction of the annual Scuba Fest.

n 2013, Chris Anderson, owner and curator of TED.com, added a View Into The Blue® camera in memorial to Zoe Anderson, his brilliant daughter who wanted to protect and cultivate coral reefs. Zoe means life in Greek, and uniquely different in Japanese. Corals and humans share similar innate immunity genes, hence the sculpture is made up 2 helices coming together, or dividing, you decide how we will co-exist in the future. Here you can watch Zoe evolve! Living Sea Sculpture is hugely grateful to View Into The Blue® for sponsoring the project and their ongoing support.

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