Executive Director

Trevor Mendelow earned his Master’s Degree in Molecular Ecology and Marine Biology from Humboldt State University. He has seventeen years of experience in education and administration, teaching college for nine years until finding his passion teaching high school. He formed Teens4Oceans in 2007 at Kent Denver School in Denver, Colorado. He hoped that he and his school kids could engage their peers and youth at large to care about the ocean and recognize the importance of scientific research and experiential learning.

Trevor is the imagination and inspiration of T4O. He loves working with young people and believes deeply that if youth can experience and can understand the wonder and beauty of the ocean, they will make strides to preserve marine resources. 

Director of Science and Education 

Zack Rago’s passion for the ocean began in the Hawaiian Islands were he spent many childhood summers under the waves of the Pacific. His infatuation with coral led to a position at a local aquarium shop for 4 years before bringing his passion to T4O. Zack received his degree in Evolutionary Biology & Ecology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  As a talented reef aquarist and long time scuba diver, Zack believes that experience is the best teacher. Through hands-on research opportunities and experiencing the underwater world, Zack truly believes that we can cultivate a generation of educated, empowered and inspired Ocean Stewards.

As the Research and Outreach Coordinator, Zack hopes to introduce youth to the beauty and complexity of our oceans while creating the same appreciation and love for coral reef ecosystems that he had as a child. 


Bobby Graduated from The University of Alabama with a BS degree in Commerce and Business Administration. Majored in Management Information Systems with a minor in Management and Communication.

His background in sales and marketing provide a great foundation for effectively reaching youth and supporting the outreach initiatives built by Teens4Oceans and their students. As the outreach coordinator, Bobby plans to help our student body reach as many people as possible while showing them what it takes to have an impactful reach and cultivating leadership skills that will last well into their future.