The purpose of the Teens4Oceans  programs is to provide activities, resources, and experiences to youth who are passionate about ocean conservation. Students learn about their personal connections to our ocean and become informed young adults. In doing so, they apply this knowledge to their daily decision making while shifting their attitudes on the essential issues our seas face. The ultimate take away is a lifetime of proper ocean stewardship and impactful changes to their lifestyles and future decisions.

Motivation and relevance are essential ingredients to learning. Through T4O, students will learn how science is the tool that enables them to make sense of their world and the environment in which they live. The current generation of teens is as altruistic as any previous and is much better informed about the global environment than any preceding it. This generation is also bombarded with negative messages about impending or on-going environmental catastrophes. T4O is an opportunity to impact yourself and the marine world.