At Teens4Oceans we strive to have positive impacts on our students. Inspiration is the key to making a lasting impact on students and their perceptions of their world. T4O offers the tools and resources essential to the development of a young and inspired generation of ocean stewards.  All it takes to realize that you have the power make a difference is a little INSPIRATION! It doesn’t stop with students either,  T4O uses out Mobile Ocean Inspiration Center to give inspired students the opportunity to share their passions with the communities they serve and inspire others to step up for our salty seas. 

The Mobile Ocean

Teens4Oceans’ Mobile Ocean Inspiration Center (MOIC, or “the Mobile Ocean”) is a mobile outreach education program that engages public and youth audiences in marine science and the many activities that T4O students undertake. We plan to develop educational resources and interpretive displays that focus on the four primary goals of T4O’s mission – Experiential Learning, Scientific Research, Innovative Technologies, and Ocean Stewardship – and by doing so make the MOIC trailer into an “inspiration center” for students, parents, teachers, and the public.