Frying Pan Tower lies 35 miles off the coast of north Carolina. Teens4Oceans is working with and three scientists to study shark movement and behavior around the light tower’s four structural legs. A series of acoustic telemetry receivers and two HD cameras will allow student and scientists to study the movement and migratory behavior of tagged sharks over the coming three years.

The demersal fish fauna of the South Atlantic Bight includes a speciose assemblage of fishes that are extremely ecologically and economically important. This group of fishes includes greater than seventy species, which are managed collectively by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) as the “snapper-grouper complex.” This fish assemblage represents one of the most economically important fishery resources of the United States. This underwater webcam at Frying Pan Tower (FPT), approximately 35 miles offshore of Cape Fear, North Carolina, gives scientists and the interested public an unprecedented , real-time view of this fish assemblage. The bottom fish assemblage is dominated by groupers, large species of snappers, hogfish, and many species of porgies and grunts. In addition this bottom assemblage of fish contains many large-bodied sharks.