Our Student Chapters are groups of youth that share a passion for our ocean and its marine life.  Using experiential learning and innovative technologies, our students have the opportunity to make an impact in their own communities as well as in our salty seas. 

Ocean Stewards are our all-star students who have proven to be  passionate young minds that are committed to conserving and protecting our ocean using their scientific skill sets, field experience and personal ambition. 

What defines an Ocean Steward?

A deep love for our watery world and the life that inhabits it.
Desire to increase your knowledge of the ocean and its many features. 
Great communication skills: Being available via email or text  during the busy and stressful times of the year, but also the ability to communicate your passion to others in an impactful and professional way. 
 Be a good participant: Regularly attend T4O meetings and make significant contributions to projects and initiatives with your team. 
Frequently connect over Ning with other T4O students: The best way to be a successful Ocean Steward is to collaborate with other students using blogs, discussions, and the sharing of relevant content. 
Commitment to the program: T4O frequently runs workshops and other events that are designed for you. Many of these opportunities occur on Saturdays. Willingness to set aside time to step up for the ocean is crucial.
Strive to build a skill set that will prepare you: Whether you are planning to pursue marine sciences in college, as a career, or neither, make sure what you take from T4O benefits you into the future.
Be respectful: Respect your fellow students and peers. Working together leads to good science and respecting other’s opinions, ideas and beliefs is essential. 
Be responsible: Make good decisions and represent T4O in a professional manner.
 Most importantly, have fun: We have built our program to be grounded in fun. Experience is the best teacher and when you find joy in what you do you usually learn much more than you may realize!