Cooper Island is a small island that lies opposite the capital of the BVIs, Road Town, on the island of Tortola. This camera is looking at a small patch reef in 12 feet of water. Similar to the cameras on Virgin Gorda, once permits have been approved, this camera will be used to study the effectiveness of three methods of coral propagation and the effects on local fish populations over time. 

This Cooper Island Seagrass Webcam is streaming live from the British Virgin Islands and is being used to show the importance of seagrass beds and the role they play in fish and invertebrate communities. A wide variety of larval and juvenile species spend time in seagrass habitats during part of their life cycle, and with seagrass ecosystems around the world in peril, it is vital that the public and policymakers understand how critical their role is in healthy near-shore marine ecosystems.