Working with Harbour Village Beach Club, Great Adventures, Gulliver High School, Bonaire Junior Rangers, and local scientists in Bonaire, Teens4Oceans will be studying different coral propagation methods, effect of artificial structure on the composition and abundance of fish populations, and the anthropogenic effects of a local marina on corals within the mouth of the channel.

The Bonaire PTZ coral camera is on the north side of the harbour entrance at Harbour Village Beach Club. The area is a very unique locations for corals to grow due to the freshwater influx from the salina in the harbour. Watch carefully when the camera turns to the south; you will see the data sensor, mooring sinker, and LOTS of fish! The visibility will change dramatically throughout the day. Despite CleanSweep® cycles that occur six times a day, you will notice the rapid rate of biofouling that occurs on the glass dome.

The Bonaire coral nursery camera shows the coral trees that have been populated with two species of Acropora coral. The Coral Restoration Foundation has three sites on the island of Bonaire. Look for future experiments with electric reefs and Live Chats with Teens4Oceans in the coming months!