Webcam Technologies

For over five years, Teens4Oceans has been working with View into the Blue (formerly Wild Goose Imaging) to develop new technologies for bringing live underwater webcams to the public.  Students have participated in a number of T4O sponsored trips to various locations around the globe.  The state of the art technologies used by Teens4Oceans are developed by View into the Blue, an underwater imaging and technology company based in Boulder, Colorado.  View into the Blue has allowed students involved with T4O to be part of the engineering process and the development of camera and communication gear.

Due to the nature of our remote installations, we sometimes have trouble with consistent internet connectivity and signal strength. We apologize for this inconvenience when it happens. At our brand new Chatfield Beaver Monitoring webcam, the stream may not be available during weekdays but we are working on a resolution. Keep checking back!

   Channel Islands National Park, Anacapa Island, click here

manatee2   Blue Spring State Park, Florida, click here, provided by the amazing people with Save the Manatee.