Our Story

 Led by scientists, educators, and most importantly students, Teens4Oceans impacts youth, their peers, and their parents, by providing them with the tools and resources to become Ocean Stewards.

Teens4Ocean’s vision is a world with healthy oceans and protected marine ecosystems. We want to leave our future generations not only with a more sustainable future and healthy planet, but with the knowledge and tools to continue to fight for and protect the ocean and its many inhabitants. Student Chapters in The United States and abroad allow us to reach students and shores worldwide. Scientific research and expeditions, data sensor suites, underwater webcams, and acoustic telemetry instruments offer students a live, real-time experience with the many ocean ecosystems around the world. And, our experiential learning expeditions offer life-changing and inspirational experiences that strengthen the T4O Students and the T4O Team as Ocean Stewards. The Teens4Oceans website and “Ning Community” serve as a platform for young people to share their stories, images, and videos with the world, while fostering mentorship between young people, scientists, teachers, and parents.

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Teens4Oceans Headquarters
6655 Arapahoe Rd Suite B,
​Boulder CO 80303
​Phone: (303) 996-7580
Email: info@teens4oceans.org